Before you Buy Lidding Film and Food Trays

Before you Buy Lidding Film and Food Trays

Feb 15, 2023 / By : / Category : Containers, Films

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Checklist of What to Consider When Purchasing Lidding Film and Trays

When sourcing food packaging, such as lidding film and trays, it’s important to consider these factors:

  1. Product requirements: Consider the specific needs of the food you’re looking to package, like shelf life, temperature requirements, weight, and quantity.
  2. Container shape & size: Determine the best sizing and container shape, such as a multi-compartment tray, or single-serve cup for your food product.
  3. Barrier properties: Ensure the packaging materials provide an adequate barrier to oxygen, moisture, and other elements that can compromise the freshness of your food product.
  4. Sealing properties: Consider the sealing properties of the lidding film, including the type of seal (peelable, lockdown, peel & reseal) and the strength of the seal.
  5. Printing: If the lidding film will be printed, check the print quality and ensure that it meets your company's standards.
  6. Package quality: Confirm that the tray and lidding is made from food-grade materials and is safe for direct food contact that is also resistant to punctures, tears, and leaks.
  7. Equipment: Check to see if the trays and lidding film are compatible with your heat-sealing packaging equipment and processes.
  8. Supplier certifications: Make sure the packaging supplier has the necessary certifications and accreditation, such as ISO 9001:2015, BRC, SQF, etc.
  9. Supplier quality: Research the packaging supplier's reputation and track record for quality, reliability, and customer service.
  10. Lead time: Consider the supplier's lead times and delivery schedules to ensure that you can meet your own production and shipping deadlines within your budget.

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