Specialty Lidding Films and Custom Printed Film Designs


Custom Printed Lidding and Overwrap Films

Replace the traditional label, cutting costs and reducing materials & manpower. Instead of buying label stock, printing labels, sealing your product, and then applying the label, accomplish the same in one simple step by using Preferred Packaging’s printed films and an in-line printer.


Multi Layer Laminate Film

Film that combines the strength of the polyester upper layer with the specific sealant type and thickness designed for your seal system requirements. The top layer’s gloss and clarity can be used to enhance the appearance of your print copy while protecting it from abrasion during shipping and handling.



 Economically Re-size to any width 


Family of Lidding Films for Rigid Containers

Seals directly to RPET/CPET/OPS/HIPS/PLA/PP trays

Barrier or breathable options

Clear or printed

Enhanced tamper evidence

Micro and macro perfs

Anti fog available

Lighter than rigid lids


Laminate Guide

Perforated Films

Laser and hot pin perforated lidding and overwrap films that allow controlled evacuation of heat, moisture and specified OTR's. Perforated film is used for foods such as chicken fingers, which will remain crisp during the reheat process. It is also used to allow required escape of gases created by fresh salads, fruits, seafoods and similar products. Bakery items will stay crisp in a perforated bag.

film perforated

Hot Pin - Dual Optic Laser - Typical Laser

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