High-Performance Packaging for Extended Shelf-Life Refrigerated Meals

The Challenge

Northwest Frozen LLC wanted to create a new line of high-quality frozen croissant-shaped gnocchi pasta product called Crocchi. The company needed specific packaging properties to allow the pasta to be frozen and then sold in refrigerated temperatures at retail stores. Consumers would then need to cook the meals directly in the packaging either using microwave or conventional ovens.

The challenge was to find packaging that could seal on high-speed machines with high efficacy to crystalized polyester trays and even through contaminants such as sauces.

Affirm lidding film for crocchi product

The Solution

Preferred Packaging worked very closely with Northwest Frozen to provide a lidding film that could meet the specific requirements of the project. The team recommended the use of C-P Affirm™ Lidding Film, which is part of the Affirm™ family of multi-layer packaging materials that provide best-in-class performance.

The proprietary Affirm™ Lidding Film provides the widest sealing window in the industry, making it easy for consumers to peel back the lidding film from the tray without the need for a knife or scissors.

The Results

The collaboration between Preferred Packaging and Northwest Frozen LLC resulted in a successful launch of the frozen pasta. The packaging provided a hermetic seal with a specific, low oxygen atmosphere inside the package to help keep the food fresh. The new line of frozen meals was well-received by consumers and Crocchi croissant-shaped pasta was chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for the 2022 holiday season.

oprahs favorite things 2022 - crocchi pasta


Our lidding film provides best-in-class performance, a hermetic seal with a specific low-oxygen atmosphere, and the widest sealing window in the industry, contact us on how our solutions can benefit your products today!